USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

At Data Rescuers, our forensic examiners are able to recover your lost or deleted data from USB memory sticks fast. If you need that crucial file, our USB Flash Drive Data Recovery is available throughout Australia. Due to their portable nature, USB devices are often carried around in bags or pockets and can often get damaged. This can be very disruptive if it contains files or pictures that are not backed up.

If you have noticed your USB flash drive stops working, or you accidently formatted the drive or deleted files from it, we can help! To ensure you have the best chance of getting your data back, do not use the USB flash drive. If you are able to come to our Parramatta Forensic Lab, we can give you a free evaluation and let you know what type of issue your USB flash drive has. If we cannot recover the data, there is no charge. If the job requires additional work, or if it is required as an express or same day service, there will be charges involved. Please enquire.

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