Mobile Phone Deleted Data Recovery

Lost an important SMS? Recently factory reset your phone and lost all your data? Let Data Rescuers recover the data for you!

Mobile Phone Deleted Data Recovery

Have you lost an important SMS text message or a photo of your child? Or do you need data from your mobile phone for a pending court case? We can help! At Data Rescuers, we use the most advanced digital forensic equipment available in the world for all our mobile phone deleted data recovery.

Our equipment is used by intelligence agencies, police, and law enforcement bodies around the world. With our proprietary equipment, we are able to extract, decode and analyse mobile data. We perform logical extractions (data that is currently on the phone plus a very basic recovery of current deleted data); file system extractions (a mid-level extraction that creates a file tree that allows our examiners to dig deep to locate files that are hidden or deleted); and physical extractions (thorough analysis of the binary memory of a phone that looks very deep at the layers of data to piece deleted data back together, including a deep image carve). The equipment supports an extremely large range of mobile phones, smartphones, portable GPS systems, tablets, and Chinese-manufactured phones with Chinese chipsets.

If you have a pending legal matter, please enquire.

Our service provides the means to:

  • Read the contents of mobile phones
  • Access data stored on SIM cards
  • Recover deleted SMS
  • Recover deleted MMS
  • Recover chats from Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Skype and more
  • Recover emails
  • Recover deleted pictures and videos
  • Recover call history and contact list/phone book
  • Conduct deep image carves to recover deleted photos
  • Recover internet and web history
  • Identify hidden Malware and Spyware

The forensic process is conducted in an RF-shielded environment.

Our service offerings include:

  • Standard (28 days);
  • Express (21 days);
  • Urgent (14 days);
  • Very Urgent (5 days;) and
  • Emergency/urgent (same/next day).

Our service levels are as follows:

  • Private Matters – for recovery of all types of data such as pictures for personal reasons.
  • Corporate Matters – for investigations into misconduct such as theft of company or sensitive information.
  • Legal Matters – going to court? For a full forensic analysis and preparation of documentation for legal purposes. We can also act as Expert Witnesses.

These are all phone dependant. Please use the form below to submit an enquiry or job request, or contact us at 1300 DATA 4U.

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