Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Over time, the lifespan of hard drives is reduced with the continual use of a computer. It is highly advisable to backup your data. If however, you have not backed up and your hard drive fails, contact 1300 DATA 4U to ask how we can help. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Data Rescuers experts are able to recover data from hard drives that may have had either a:

  • Logical failure – this means that the hard drive works normally but the file system inside gets damaged. This happens because of virus damage, deletion of the hard drive, software errors and so on.
  • Physical failure – whereby the hard drive stops functioning properly. This occurs when you begin to hear a clicking sound or when the hard drive does not spin properly.

If the above has happened to you, contact our experts at Data Rescuers and ask how we can help. Do not try to attempt to recover the data yourself as doing so may cause more damage to the hard drive and put it beyond recovery.

We specialise in all types of hard disk drive recovery in Sydney from all types of computers such as Windows, Apple or Linux based computers.

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