Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most common questions that we are asked. If you have any questions not answered below, please contact us on 1300 DATA 4 U

What can cause loss of data?

There are many causes for data loss, among the most common are: environmental issues (e.g. too hot or cold, high humidity); viruses on your device; restoring your phone to factory setting; completing a system update; and corruption of a memory drive.

No, Data Rescuers uses the most advanced digital forensic equipment available.  We download all the data off the device and conduct the retrieval on our lab computers. We do not touch the system of the device, therefore no harm will be done to your device.

No, there is no time limit to how long the data was deleted for it to become irretrievable. However it is dependent on how large the memory capacity of the device is and how you have used the device. Generally speaking, it is harder to retrieve data when the memory capacity of your device is smaller and you have done many factory resets and system updates on the phone.

To be certain you can contact Data Rescuers and we can let you know in more detail once we have examined the device.

Yes, in selecting Legal Service in our type of services we can provide along with data, a court accepted report, affidavit and any other material that is required for your court case.

An initial non-refundable assessment fee of $100 will be payable regardless of outcome. This fee will be deducted from the total amount upon a successful retrieval. If a specific item of data is requested and not found on initial extraction and the customer requires further intensive forensic extraction, a minimum 50% fee (less the $100 initial fee) will be payable upfront (regardless of any further data being recovered) based on the package required. If the requested data is ultimately recovered, the balance of the full package fee is payable.

We can check a phone that does not belong to you but we will need their permission with a statutory declaration.

For mobile phone or tablets, ensure that you have an antivirus program on your device. For Android systems, you may use Avast; for IOS systems, Avira may be used. Also do not download any suspicious apps that require a lot of permission to access your private contents and GPS location.If you believe your device is infected, you may also contact Data Rescuers. We can conduct a thorough malware/spyware check for you.

To start, simply click on Our Process on our Data Rescuer’s site, follow the steps and we will contact you with a quote. If you decide to go ahead, then you can either bring in the phone to our office or send it through registered mail to our lab. During the process you can check online with your provided job number to check the progress of your job. Upon completion you can either pick up the phone at our office or we can send it back to you through the post. We also provide a detailed report with the data that you request to be retrieved. It may be put on a USB stick or sent to you in an email dependent on the size of the data retrieved.

When data is deleted, it is not completely wiped. Instead it becomes condensed into a binary format and lays dormant in the memory. When new data is created, depending on the size of the device it may choose to take up a new space in the system or it may overwrite the deleted data. In most cases deleted data is retrievable. However, when the deleted data has been overwritten too many times then it becomes more difficult to retrieve the original data.

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