Mobile Phone Spyware & Malware Detection

Have you accidently clicked on a link or received a file which you clicked on that you thought was not right? Your phone may be compromised.

Mobile Phone Spyware & Malware Detection

Data Rescuers has the capability to forensically analyse mobile devices and detect any known Virus, Spyware, Malware or Trojans that invade your privacy. Your device stores very sensitive information such as family photos, passwords, documents, emails and so on. The equipment that is used by Data Rescuers is used by Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies worldwide. Spyware and Malware is very easy to install and you may not know it is on your phone or device. Someone can easily send you files that may install the Spyware or Malware in the background which would then allow the person to control your phone.

Case Study: A client received an MMS message with a picture. Unknowingly, the client clicked on the photo and it enlarged it whilst installing Spyware in the background. The client did not realise what was happening until her phone bill at the end of the month was more than it usually is. The client contacted her network provider and asked why this was the case and they advised her that her phone was connecting to the internet more than her usual internet connections.

She then came to us and we forensically examined the phone and found that Spyware had been installed on her phone. The numerous connections to the internet were a result of the spyware uploading data to a third party’s computer. Spyware is capable of providing a third party with access to the following:

  • Remotely listen to and record all phone calls live.
  • Record detailed call logs with time, date, and numbers dialed.
  • View and delete all sent and received text and MMS messages.
  • Live GPS tracking of your location.
  • Keylogging of Internet sites visited including internet banking and passwords!
  • Log into your social media accounts as you.
  • Log into email with full access to read, delete, and send emails as though from you!!
  • Access to all video, pictures, and recorded audio with the ability to remotely delete them!
  • Discretely activate the microphone and listen to the device’s surroundings.
  • Discretely activate the camera and photograph or record the surroundings.
  • Sending a text message from someone in your contact list to you, allowing them to fool you into thinking its your friend. This can be used to lure you to an unsafe place, extract private information, or blackmail you!

We prepared a report for the client who then took it to the local Police. It is an offence under the Surveillance Devices Act (2007) to install, use or maintain any form of listening, optical or tracking device without the person’s express or implied knowledge. The client was very pleased with the outcome as we gave her peace of mind by securing the phone and advising her on how to protect from any future instances of spying.

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